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Can I Get Cox Internet For Less Price?


Internet has been a necessity as of now and what everyone demands is a good internet but if you look at the price of monthly internet from any broadband network, you switch your mind to local home internet service providers but then you will somehow end up calling your provider and ask them for better speed.

What is the solution then? Well, Cox Internet would be the perfect fix for your problem, and trust me if I say, I mean it.

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest broadband network in the US having more than 6 million family, Cox has always been an internet service provider who provides value to your money and gives you the exact service you ask. Cox has been a user’s most trusted network, serving in 19 states in the US including Florida.

Cox Communication is well known for the variety of packages that they offer to their consumer so that they can make choices accordingly depending on the needs and usage of their house, but this time Cox has something really amazing to offer.

If you are a student living in fraternities or sororities, or if you are an individual, or if you are a small family who doesn’t want a high-end internet package, don’t worry because Cox has got you this time.

Cox Internet – Affordable

Cox Internet is one of the most promising internets in the state. The network provides a very vast variety of package to accommodate users. It would not be wrong if I say, these tiers will surely bring a way of happiness to those who want the best service with fair pricing. Cox comes with 3 different packages. Without wasting any time, lets jump into the plans offered by Cox Internet.

  • Connect Assist

The first plan that Cox has offered to its user is the basic plan where user will have to pay $30 per month. You can also avail this package after participating in income-based government programs.

The plan would be a perfect fit for those who want to avail best internet service with affordable price and would be great for you if you are an individual or if you are 2 or 3 people living as it can easily connect up to 5 devices at the time and what will excite you the most would be the speed, it provides up to 100 mbps of download speed and Wi-Fi modem would also be included in this plan and you should not be worrying about the data cap as Cox Internet allows 1.25 data in every package.

  • Connect2Compete

Connect2Compete would only be offered to those who can fulfil the required documents such as at least one assistant program like SNAP, one K-12 student and some relevant documents to check the eligibility if needed.

The plan allows you to have a download speed up to 100mbps, so if you are a small family and looking for some crazy service, then the package would be perfect for you as you can easily connect up to 5 devices.

No credit checks and no deposits would be required and just in case if you are thinking of how to install, then let me tell you, Connect2Compete is easy self-installation thing.

Now, your most asked question would be the price. Here comes the crazy part, it all comes in just $9.95 per month with no term agreement. Unbelievable, right?

  • Straight Up Internet

Straight Up by Cox Internet is one of the hot favorites in town as it is a prepaid internet where users have to pay only $50 per month and they can enjoy up to 100mbps of download speed.

You can easily connect more than 4 devices at the time and you don’t have to pay any surcharge or any other tax because every single thing is included in the plan with No Term Agreement. The price would remain same for 24 months once you register for this plan.


Cox Internet has provided amazing facilities to the user and the internet service provider has proved to be the best in the past few years as it has always allowed user to have maximum speed with straight pricing. Just in case if you want to upgrade or change your plan, the network allows you to communicate 24/7 as they have the best customer support system. You should always invest in a network who you can trust and I believe Cox can and should be your preference.

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