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How to Help Dogs Love Boarding Kennels

Dog overnight boarding services allow pet owners to leave their dogs in a safe and secure environment while they are away from home.

The facility has the necessary amenities, such as grooming services, to help the pets’ well-being. It offers a structured, routine setting for pets and personalized care for dogs of all sizes and breeds.  Here are some ways to help dogs love boarding kennels:

Bring Comfort Items

Bringing along familiar items like your dog’s favorite toys or bedding can help them feel more at home. These items have their scent and can provide security in an unfamiliar environment.

It also helps to maintain some aspects of your dog’s routine. Dogs find comfort in things that are familiar and things that smell like home. These items can be their preferred bedding or even a piece of clothing for them to wear.

Communicate Special Needs

Every dog is unique and may have special needs that require close attention while at a dog overnight boarding facility. Inform the kennel staff if your dog has a specific medical condition or requires certain medications.

This allows them to provide appropriate care and to react swiftly if a health issue arises. Some dogs may have food allergies or sensitivities or be on a special diet for weight control or a medical condition. Provide details of these requirements so your dog can receive suitable meals during their stay.

Communicate behavioral needs. Perhaps your dog gets stressed in certain situations, like during thunderstorms or when around larger dogs. Or they may have a favorite toy or game that helps them relax. Sharing these details with the kennel staff helps them understand your dog better and cater to their emotional well-being.

Visit the Facility Beforehand

Giving your dog a chance to explore and become familiar with the boarding facility before their actual stay allows them to get acquainted with the environment. Visiting the facility provides an opportunity to meet the staff. This is the right time to ask about their policies, routines, and procedures.

Bring your dog with you so they can also meet the team. Dogs are sensitive to changes in their surroundings, so this initial visit can help ease their anxiety during their stay. It also allows you to assess if the facilities meet your expectations and provide your dog with a safe and clean environment.

Maintain Regular Meal Times

Dog overnight boarding facilities usually have a feeding schedule for the dogs in their care. Communicate your dog’s regular meal times to the staff so that they can stick to their usual routine. This will help maintain consistency and prevent any digestive issues that may arise from changes in feeding patterns.

Consider mealtime behavior. Some dogs eat quickly and may require a slow feeder bowl, while others may be food-aggressive and need to eat alone. Communicate these behaviors to the kennel so they can accommodate your dog’s needs.

Prepare Your Dog for Overnight Stays

Consider short daycare sessions before moving on to overnight stays. This step-by-step approach can help your dog adjust to the new environment without feeling overwhelmed. Exercise your dog before bringing them to the boarding facility to help them burn off any excess energy and make them more relaxed. The dog should be up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations before their stay at a boarding facility.

Visit Dog Overnight Boarding Facilities Today

Dog overnight boarding facilities allow owners to leave their dogs in a safe and controlled environment. To improve your dog’s experience, communicate their needs, maintain regular meal times, and gradually prepare them for overnight stays. Consider a reputable boarding facility for your dog’s next overnight stay.

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