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How Are Classes Delivered in the Executive Online MBA Program?

Executive MBA programs are ideal for students looking for value that goes beyond regular MBA programs. These executive programs include advanced courses that give you an edge over other MBA students.

You can take online classes if you cannot attend your MBA classes physically. Here is how classes are delivered in an executive online MBA program:

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning is a flexible solution for learners enrolled in an executive online MBA program. This course delivery method involves learning via platforms that show pre-recorded content. Learners take their classes at whatever time suits their schedule.

Asynchronous learning is self-paced, allowing learners to take as much time as needed to interact with the course content and complete assignments. 

Online programs provide lectures, readings, and other learning resources in an online learning management system (LMS). These systems are accessible via a mobile app or personal computer. Once students sign in to the learning platform, they have lifetime access to the materials offered under the MBA program. 

Asynchronous learning platforms encourage active learning by requiring students to take quizzes and tests before moving on to the next lesson. These tests offer immediate feedback on whether the learner’s answers are right or wrong. This helps learners gauge their understanding of the course content. 

Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning allows instructors to deliver MBA course content in real-time. Instructors set a specific time for virtual sessions where they teach and interact with learners. These classes take place over video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

The main benefit of this delivery method is that students get to ask questions that the instructor answers in real time. Instructors can also gauge whether learners have grasped the course content in real time, allowing them to adjust their delivery pace. Scheduled classes are also advantageous for students who struggle to manage their time. 

Interactive Tools

While online learning may limit in-person interactions between students and instructors, online MBA programs now use interactive tools to enhance learner engagement. Most programs use interactive tools like discussion forums, chat rooms, and virtual simulations to encourage collaboration between learners.

Students can collectively engage in meaningful discussions and solve problems, enhancing their learning experience and teamwork skills. Students also get to interact with their instructors via online forums. 

Programs over an LMS give learners access to research advisors and mentors to guide them through the program. Students have access to academic advisors who can guide them on the best elective courses to choose based on their career plans. Some programs also offer resume and cover letter consultation to help students find jobs.

Real-World Applications

One of the distinguishing features of MBA programs is the emphasis on real-world applications of the course content. Online MBA programs incorporate case studies and business simulations to teach learners the practical aspects of the coursework.

Some programs also use interactive games depicting scenarios relevant to the course work to guide learners on its real-world applications. These learning aids help students develop analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills required in the competitive business environment. Practical coursework application also helps MBA students master the course content better.

Enroll in an Executive Online MBA Program Today

Executive online MBA programs have made business education more accessible to professionals seeking practical skills to enhance their career growth. The programs use interactive tools to engage learners and to improve their learning experience. Learners also have access to mentors to guide them through the program and afterward as they seek jobs. Join a synchronous learning program if you need a structured learning schedule similar to an in-person program. If you want more flexibility, try an asynchronous executive online MBA program with a platform that supports active learning.

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